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Newspaper Column: F.O.C.U.S. Time

Very excited to have a column in my local newspaper, The Sentinel.

Please click on the links below to read and find encouragement.

"Be a suitcase lifter."

From the article "Need a Lift?"

Diana "Dee" JC

Motivational Speaker  ~  F.O.C.U.S. Success Coach



03/27/2022   "Growing Pains"  (READ)

04/17/2022 "Fear-Less" (READ)

04/24/2022   "Who's Doing the Driving?"  (READ)  SHEET: "The Effects of Stress on the Body"  (DOWNLOAD)

05/01/2022 "Check Please!" (READ)

05/08/2022 "Got Goals?" (READ) SHEET: "Goal-Setting" (DOWNLOAD)

05/15/2022 "Talent Shows" (READ)

05/22/2022 "When Life Gives You Lemons" (READ)

05/29/2022   "Jump Right In"  (READ) 

06/05/2022   "My Little Habit"  (READ)

06/12/2022   "The Art of Being Still"  (READ) 

06/19/2022  "Need a Lift?"  (READ)

07/03/2022 "Dress for Success" (READ)

07/10/2022  "Get in Shape" (READ)

07/17/2022  "How to Capture 'WOW' Moments (READ)

08/07/2022 "The Power of Purpose" (READ)

01/01/2023  "Broken, but Still of Value" (READ)

01/15/2023  "When Life Gives You a Kick" (READ)

01/29/2023 "When Wondering "What if?"  (READ)

02/12/2023 "Celebrate Life" (READ)

02/26/2023 "Focus for Success" (READ)

03/12/2023 "A Fine Web was Weaved" (READ)

03/23/2023 "No Excuses" (READ)

04/09/2023 "Spring Clean Your Life" (READ)

04/23/2023 "A Simple Smile" (READ)

05/07/2023 "Watch Your Steps" (READ)

05/21/2023 "Decisions, Decisions" (READ)

06/04/2023 "Pack Lightly" (READ)

06/18/2023  "What Do You Have in Your Hands?"  (READ)

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